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Really comfy sex toy! It's great when we are both tried...
        Joseph Santangelo

Got the large version of this yesterday in the mail. Wifey and I loved it. Awesome invention! ...
               Jay Levy

Your product does look like a very good , even superior to the Gravitizer or the bodybouncer ...
               Shay S

Your chair is a chromeplate metal frame, very nice! It is better than the red spray metal frame, your cost higher but the price cheaper, thk u!
        Michael Spinelli

I just tried the positions in your "For Beginer" page, About four useful positions but those four are great.
                Tim Nickel

I recently purchased your product and Love it! I truly believe this product has great marketability! It's fun for the young and very functional for the elderly.
               James Hall
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Zero Gravity CCyell Sex Chair

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CCyell Chair (M size) + Free $60 Gifts $49.95
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CCyell Chair (L size)
+ Free $60 Gifts
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The Original Movable Sex Position Figures Key Ring

  • There are 3~5 joints on the model, so it is movable.
  • The animate picture just is the multi-posture of the figures.
  • 70 MM (2.7 inches)Tall and 50 MM(2.5 inches)wide in Black Metal.
  • The shipping cost is $3.95 for 10-20 days delivery. When you order the CCyell chair, you need not pay the shipping cost of the Key Ring and 5-7 days delivery.
    key ring position_A Click Here to Enlarge it..
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