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Really comfy sex toy! It's great when we are both tried...
        Joseph Santangelo

Got the large version of this yesterday in the mail. Wifey and I loved it. Awesome invention! ...
               Jay Levy

Your product does look like a very good , even superior to the Gravitizer or the bodybouncer ...
               Shay S

Your chair is a chromeplate metal frame, very nice! It is better than the red spray metal frame, your cost higher but the price cheaper, thk u!
        Michael Spinelli

I just tried the positions in your "For Beginer" page, About four useful positions but those four are great.
                Tim Nickel

I recently purchased your product and Love it! I truly believe this product has great marketability! It's fun for the young and very functional for the elderly.
               James Hall
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Frequently Asked Questions

the Best Sex Furniture!
We have fielded most of inquiries about the CCyell most of which resolve to the same handful of concerns. You can download the CCyell handbook at first. For the html file, click here.

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Product Details




Is it worth the price?

The CCyell comprises specially steel and elastic element, we spend a lot of cost to make it light and easy carrying and firm. - it is produced to a truly surpassing standard of strength and reliability. The raw material cost alone for this product is three times higher than is typical for a $199.95 adult novelty item. In fact , it is impossible to get the low price if it is produced in the other country. The CCyell is produced in China by a highly skilled team of people who are personally committed to your pleasure and satisfaction. back to top

Can I buy The CCyell at a retail store?

No, at this time The CCyell is only available from our online store. back to top

How is The CCyell shipped?

At this time we ship The CCyell to all over the world by EMS Priority. We use discreet packaging for your convenience. back to top

Is The CCyell ordering system secure?

The CCyell online ordering system is fully secure. All of our online transactions are 128bit encrypted, We use the third part online payment platform ChinaBank and IPS as the ordering system, they are the best payment platform in china, you can learn the ChinaBank by the following URL: You can learn the IPS by the following URL: can't get your credit card information and the third part payment platform is the best way you can trust. back to top

When can I expect to receive my CCyell?

The CCyell will be shippind within a week after the order has been placed and approved. Allow 5-7 business days to receive the product after it's been shipped. back to top

Can I return The CCyell?

No, all sales are final! Due to the fact that The CCyell is a sexually oriented product we can not accept returns, therefore we guarantee that our product has never been used and it's brand new. back to top

Can I have The CCyell shipped internationally?

Yes, we ship The CCyell to all over the world, if it is a specially country that EMS can't reached ,we will contact you. You can get a online service by the MSN back to top

Will my information remain private?

Yes, we will not share any of your information with any other party for any reason whatsoever. back to top

How can I pay by Credit Card?

You can do following the below process:
1. Click the "Add To Cart" button in;
2. Confirm your chair size and the quantity, click the button "Checkout";
3. Fill in your address, click the button "Continue Checkout";
4. Fill in your Credit Card information. Your Credit Card must have done [3-D validation]. You can learn it by Click Here. If there is any problem please contact us by Email: . back to top

I have seen a kind of chair which have a piece of rubber with a hole, but your chair is the silver one with the two straps, what's different about them?

elastic straps a piece of rubber with a hole
20+ Ways To Enjoy Sex
Light, handy, and easily carrying
Enjoy it anywhere
View the Action
makes your and your spouse's sexual organs closer
wiggle 360 degrees swivel in all directions
perdurable and never rust

We have improved the chair by the below four ways:

1. We currently is a chromeplate metal frame, it is perdurable and never rust. The red frame is the spraying plastics metal frame. If we use the spraying plastics metal frame, the cost will be much lower.

2. We take a test again and again, the saddle with a hole don't work well. You must take aim the hole of the saddle before you have sex and you can't view the action. we use a couple of elastic straps instead of rubber saddle with hole. You can change the distance of the two straps. We present you a pair of gray soft cloth harness, you can use it cover the elastic harness to make it more comfortable and wash easier. It let you and your spouse closer. You can wiggle 360 degrees swivel in all directions. You can also view the action.

3. Our product is Light, handy, and easily carrying, You can bring it and use it anywhere. You can use it in your car.

4. Even we present you a couple of extra straps. you can harness them to your sex chair frame and the sex chair will became a lovely mini sofa.

Our product is higher level but the price is cheaper because we are the manufacturer of china.back to top

Product Details

Is it safe?

If you're picturing your intimate anatomy slamming together erratically then you’re thinking of a sex swing, not a CCyell. The CCyell elastic element has been tested to 1000 pounds for your safety, and either partner can control exactly how much it travels, from the gentlest rhythm imaginable to a deep, soul-satisfying stroking. Within seconds of setting up most men realize that they can close their eyes and navigate the experience by feel alone. back to top

How do I know The CCyell will fit us?

The CCyell accommodates a wide range of people. If his waist size is over 50 then he might notice some limitations with regard to which positions are comfortable. If he is particularly light then he may need to use towels and/or pillows to raise himself under the elastic element to the appropriate level. If she is over 225 pounds then The CCyell is not recommended. Note that there are several positions that are not dependent on weight at all. back to top

What is The CCyell weight limit?

The CCyell has a weight limit of 350 pounds, however it has been tested up to loads of 500 pounds. back to top

Is the hole big enough for us?

There is no hole in the CCyell. We use the two sets of elastic element instead of rubber saddle.You can change the distance of the two sets of elastic element. It make you and your girl friend closer. You can wiggle 360 degrees swivel in all directions. The elastic element is highly elastic and is tested to hold 1000 pounds. back to top

How long do The CCyell elastic element last?

The elastic element is highly dependent on the fashion in which The CCyell is used. As a very rough guide, an average couple may expect 4-6 years of use before replacement is required. back to top

How soft is the elastic element?

The CCyell elastic element is fairly soft to the touch. It will not chafe either partner under most circumstances. back to top

How do I clean the elastic element?

The elastic element should be cleaned with warm water and, if necessary, a mild detergent that is free of solvents, oils and citric compounds. If necessary The CCyell elastic element can be taken off and thoroughly cleaned in a sink or shower. back to top

Does The CCyell have any distinguishing marks on it?

The CCyell has no distinguishing marks or logos on it of any kind; nothing for a youngster or inquisitive friend to look up on the Web. back to top

There are marks and/or imperfections on my CCyell. Why?

The CCyell is a new product and there are several cosmetic issues that are still being worked out. You may notice small discolorations or scratches on the metal components and the elastic element - these are normal and have no effect on product performance whatsoever. back to top

What's the chair dimensions/measurements?

Don't order L size chair if M size fit you!

According to the left picture, you will lay down the CCyell chair, you can get a measurement of 'body width' (Usually it is the diameter of your hip). Of course your body can be pressed to fit the size, So you need not order a bigger size chair.

M size:

M(exterior): 50cm(long) x 48cm(wide) x 38cm(high) = 19.7'' long x 18.9'' wide x 15'' high
M(interior): 46cm(long) x 44cm(wide) x 36cm(high) = 18'' long x 17.3'' wide x 14'' high

The interior dimensions of 'M' type is 44CM (17.3''), you can order 'M' if your 'body width (after press)' is less than 46CM (18'').

Usually the 'M' is popular for most of people. The L size chair is not available now. back to top

How can I assemble the CCyell by myself?

The CCyell has been designed easily assembly. You can download the CCyell handbook to learn how to assemble.In fact, the assembly of CCyell is very easy. You can finish it within 2 minutes.
back to top


Which positions should we start with?

Start with the Trot and the Flexer. The animation in 'How to start' page give you a sample about the positions. These positions naturally complement each other, offering energy and nuance at the same time. Once you get the feel of the basic positions it will be a lot easier to experiment more widely with other positions. back to top

What's the best way to raise him up under The CCyell?

Towels are often the best way to raise his body up. Folded so that they fit neatly under The CCyell, they can be used to obtain relatively precise positioning. Note that for most men, a mild flexing of the hips will position him up or down enough to fine-tune the experience. back to top

How many positions do people typically use?

Most people settle on a handful of positions that work best for them. Few people try to master all of the positions that we have introduced on our Web Site. back to top

Which lubricants can I use?

In fact, the lubricants is no necessary to CCyell. If you want, use only 100% water-based lubricants on The CCyell saddle. Never use petroleum jelly, mineral oil or any other kind of oil - natural or synthetic. Over time oil will degrade the integrity of the rubber. back to top

Which is best: Towel, Talc or Lube?

In most cases using a hand towel with a cross cut in the center is the best way to prepare the CCyell elastric element. This setup yields the least mess and the most comfort. back to top

Should I use The CCyell on the floor or in the bed?

The bed is often the best location for basic positions like the Trot and Flexer. However, some people prefer the solid support of the floor as it tends to offer a firmer, more energetic ride. The CCyell is light and easily carrying, you can take it and use it anywhere, for example: in your car. back to top

What kind of dildo/vibrator should I use for masturbation?

When executing the Hot Trot, Hot Flex or Hot Hammer you should always use a dildo/vibrator setup that prevents over-penetration. Perhaps the best setup involves a suction-mount dildo placed on an overturned plastic tub or bowl. back to top


What's The International cards payment process?

Click on 'the IPS international card payment', chooses the payment way of VISA, MasterCard or the JCB

Input your international card number, term of validity, CVV2 and your name, IPS will connect the relevant bank to check whether your international card has already registered 'the 3D verification' service

Transaction processing, please wait... (Connecting the bank, encryption transmitting), or Transaction Proceeding, Please Wait... (Connecting the bank, encryption transmitting)

Then will appear the verified by VISA " window from the relevant bank, please check whether your personal guarantee information is correct or not, in order to confirm that you are proceeding the transaction with the relevant bank, and then input and submit your verified by VISA code

After the verification, the relevant bank will confirm your payment, if successful, immediately will pop up the Taking goods page provided by the shopping website. back to top

Why can't my card pay normally?

If your VISA, MASTER, the JCB card in hand is effective, the main reason is that you have not done the 3D verification. The so-called 3d verification is free service provided by the credit card company to guarantee the secure online shopping for customers. You may directly request your sending card bank to add this kind of service by telephone. In terms of VISA card, this service is called verified by visa service, and in terms of MasterCard it is called MasterCard secure code service and J/Secure service in terms of JCB card. Actually this will provides you with one secure code to guarantee your personally use of this card, and to avoid the occurrence of fraud. back to top

Whether secured code service charges or not ?
It does not charge any fee to increase this service.
back to top

Why is the net speedvery slow during the payment?

When you submit your credit card information, the IPS platform is verifying the identity to the relevant bank through 128 key encryption,.Moreover, if your credit card is issued by an overseas bank, the network itself will also delay certain time about 10 seconds.back to top

How to make the secure verification for my payment card?

You can apply for the secure payment verification on line.

The user holding the VISA card may directly enter page to choose your national page to carry on the application. Usually enter the personal option and then choose visa security service. Then application is allowed on line. Certainly you can also use search engine, for instance fill visacard and English name of your coyntry at and carrie on a fast search, then carrieon visa security search in our country visacard search engine page. The English customer may directly enter the page to apply, the American customer may directly enter the page to apply while the Canadian customer may directly enter the page

The MASTER card usercan directly enter to choose the corresponding country to carry on this application in the page of your nation. Usuallychoose the mastercard secure code service option in cardholder service. Certainly you can also use search engine. For instance, fill in mastercard and your nation's English name in to carry on the fast search, then directly seeks secure code or safe shopping online in national mastercard search page.

The JCB card user may directly enter to examine the instruction of J/Secure.back to top

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