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Really comfy sex toy! It's great when we are both tried...
        Joseph Santangelo

Got the large version of this yesterday in the mail. Wifey and I loved it. Awesome invention! ...
               Jay Levy

Your product does look like a very good , even superior to the Gravitizer or the bodybouncer ...
               Shay S

Your chair is a chromeplate metal frame, very nice! It is better than the red spray metal frame, your cost higher but the price cheaper, thk u!
        Michael Spinelli

I just tried the positions in your "For Beginer" page, About four useful positions but those four are great.
                Tim Nickel

I recently purchased your product and Love it! I truly believe this product has great marketability! It's fun for the young and very functional for the elderly.
               James Hall
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How to Start

the Best Sex Furniture!
Wonderful and effective lovemaking is batter than take a superfluous action. Creative both sexes active orgasm. The greatest point of sexual pleasure keeps lovemaking alive.
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Instruction manual

    Sitting on the elastic elements by its resilience, female feel that the body becomes lither as in weightless world by shaking the body up, down, left, right, and all the direction.

    Male just lie down under the device, shaking the stand or elastic elements to change the angle of female's body, touch the feel, and get the climax.

    You never feel this wonderful and fantastic moment before.
CCyell CCyell
CCyell CCyell

Causing orgasm

  • Waste too much physical strength when making love in standing, squatting, kneeling, and bending.

  • Disturb the romantic moment by feel of ache, numbness, and pain when making love in out of date way.

  • The weigh of body hinders both sexes from going to G point.

  • Because of ache, numbness, and pain, changing position repeatedly, and stopping the smooth moment when making love.

  • Male is easy to lost control to make female into the climax.

  • Sexual response of both sexes depends on person's age, physical strength, and so on.

  • Female need to be excited by more sexual behavior, and if changing the position frequently during lovemaking, they cannot get climax, just like keep heat make water boiling.
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