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Really comfy sex toy! It's great when we are both tried...
        Joseph Santangelo

Got the large version of this yesterday in the mail. Wifey and I loved it. Awesome invention! ...
               Jay Levy

Your product does look like a very good , even superior to the Gravitizer or the bodybouncer ...
               Shay S

Your chair is a chromeplate metal frame, very nice! It is better than the red spray metal frame, your cost higher but the price cheaper, thk u!
        Michael Spinelli

I just tried the positions in your "For Beginer" page, About four useful positions but those four are great.
                Tim Nickel

I recently purchased your product and Love it! I truly believe this product has great marketability! It's fun for the young and very functional for the elderly.
               James Hall
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The Positions

the Best Sex Furniture!
For some CCyell positions you may want to use towels and/or pillows to help position yourselves comfortably. Some people like to ride The CCyell just as it is. In most cases, however, it will serve you more comfortably if you use towel, talc or lubricant.
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CCyell sex furnitureTROT

The classic CCyell position that satisfies every time. The convex saddle shape gently compresses her anatomy into a velvet vice - a unique sensation no other toy can give - rendering extra stimulation and pleasure for both partners. Alternate with Flexing for a ride that's got energy and nuance.


FLEXERsex furniture

Nothing beats a slow, sensual flexing. One of the easiest, most pleasant position that can give you The CCyell. Alternate with the Trot, or reverse directions for more intimacy - the Flexer can be done facing either way. Always place legs through The CCyell as shown to prevent tipping.

the Gravitizer

HAMMERsex furniture

Extra control for her, with an exotic clamping action on the upstroke. Have her grip the sides and pull down for greater penetration. You can use towels and pillows for more comfortable ride.


BLISS BOX sex furniture

Give her the full treatment. A rock-hard shaft and a pair of loving hands at the same time render a potent, soothing climax. Position next to a bed or other firm support for his comfort.


DOGHOUSEsex chair

Throw her over the doghouse - a natural for doggy-style lovers. A classic position freed of awkward balance and position issues, and now also allowing her to masturbate comfortably while enjoying vigorous rear entry. Put a thick towel on the saddle for her comfort.

the Gravitizer

PLUNGERsex furniture

One of the most popular positions, offering soothing penetration in the comfort of a loving embrace. Let him bounce her for a heady ride to ecstasy. Position next to a bed or other firm support for his comfort.


SHAFTERsex chair

Extra control and authority for a position that demands a strong performance. Have him go "hands-only" for a more athletic position - just curl legs back over thighs.



the Gravitizer

CAT CAGE sex furniture

Get in the cage for her intimate oral pleasure. It’s never been this effortless - no more neck cramps and burning arms. Always exercise caution when sitting down on an occupied CCyell.

the Gravitizer

SIXTY-NINEsex chair

A classic position, now updated for ease and comfort - everything where you want it, without tension or strain. Put a thick towel over the saddle for her comfort.


NINETY-SIXsex furniture

A previously rare version of sixty-nine, now an easy, comfortable position with more control for both partners. Keep feet planted on the ground; never go "hands only" in this position. Always exercise caution when sitting down on an occupied CCyell.


FLOWJOBsex chair

Intensely pleasurable oral satisfaction for him. Horizontal orientation yields maximum output. Keep feet planted on the ground; never go "hands only" in this position. Always exercise caution when sitting down on an occupied CCyell.

sex chair

THROTTLEsex furniture

Perfect for a slave scenario. Let her control his tongue action by his "joystick" - just work out a set of simple signals. Always sit carefully on an occupied CCyell.



Gravitizer sex chair

ARCH ANGEL sex chair

You just have to try it to believe how good it feels. A rhythmic bearing down does the trick. Lubricate just her arches and use a towel on the saddle for stability.

Gravitizer sex

MILK RUN sex furniture

A tricky old favorite - now a sure thing. Just have her slip her breasts around his shaft and let him do the bouncing. Combine with the Hot Trot for extra pleasure.


FLYING FIST sex furniture

For the hand-lover who likes an extended pleasuring. Even a frenzied beating is easy to sustain. Use two hands for tough jobs.

Gravitizer sex chair


A playful position that's perfect for impromptu scenarios and risky situations. A gentle rocking motion sends her back and forth on his shaft. Always keep The CCyell planted firmly against wall.

CCyell sex chair

PRONGERsex chair

Armchair sex has truly arrived. Just slip his shaft through the hole and line her up for pleasure. Watch carefully for tipping when executing the Pronger, and always position with back to bed or other support.

CCyell sex chair

FLYING CARPET sex furniture

One of the most intense positions in the Positions, and one of the most challenging. Use a towel on the saddle to prevent slipping and watch balance at all times. Position CCyell away from hard objects.



Gravitizer sex chair

HOT TROT sex furniture

The CCyell makes it finally possible to masturbate to strong, rhythmic penetration. An effortless position and a truly erotic sight to behold. Alternate with Hot Flexing for extra pleasure. Use only toys that prevent over-penetration.

CCyell sex chair

HOT FLEX sex furniture

For a nuanced ride that fits her rhythms perfectly. Alternate with the Hot Trot for extra pleasure. Use only toys that prevent over-penetration. Always position with a supporting surface at her back to prevent tipping.


HOT HAMMER sex furniture

Deep, satisfying strokes for her sensual pleasure. Grip the sides and pull down for best penetration. Use only toys that prevent over-penetration.



Gravitizer sex position

TWEAKER sex chair

Rhythmic nipple-tweaking for extra stimulation and pleasure. Always use highly elastic cord to prevent injury.

Gravitizer sex

SPIN DOCTOR sex chair

Put tassels on her and you get a feverishly visual brand of coitus. Challenging for her, but especially thrilling when sustained through climax.


CAT CAM sex chair

Bring in a small stand-mounted mirror for positions like the Trot and Flexer and angle it so she can see underneath. A surprisingly erotic ritual.


JOY CIRCUIT sex chair

An erotic feedback loop, amplifying need and gratification in quickening circles to explosive release. Always sit carefully on an occupied CCyell.


CLAIM JUMPER sex chair

Perfect where extra discipline is required. Let the top man bounce her for extra pleasure.


GIVE-N-TAKE sex furniture

Very challenging for her, but one of the most intense acts of its kind - a psychosexual experience to be savored and prolonged. Use only suitably stable surfaces for supporting The CCyell. Lubricate the saddle thoroughly for best results.

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